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I am trying to send an email after a form is submitted, and include clickable links within that email.Say I have field called SITE, if I use the syntax[CLICK HERE] [SITE] where SITE is the embedded field name for the automation it just send an email ...
I have tried to contact AirTable support, but can get no response from them so I will post this here.Airtable has a very nasty bug if you change a text field containing a large numeric value to a number (integer) field, it changes the data values.  T...
Can anyone see what I am doing wrong here.Two fields, one date (as text type) one time (as text type) - The formulae field SHOULD make these into a single date/time field - This is the formulae I have, but I get errors on any dates with two character...
If I have these values in a formula field, 0_99_123_456_abc_wantedtext1_ppp_876_333_wantedtext2hhh_kol_ggb_hhh_sss_wantedtext3can someone please tell me how to extract the following text into a new field please?wantedtext1wantedtext2wantedtext3Thanks...
If I have a table as follows : Date/Time. Numeric value. Gain Since Last. Usage per day Record 2. 10/1/2022 100 50 10 Record 1. 1/1/2022. 50 Is ther...