Feature Suggestion - Google Docs

Does an integration with Google Docs exist? I primarily use Airtable for scheduling our social content. The only reason I have to leave AirTable is to write the content that I’m scheduling (in a doc). Would be great if it was all in one spot!

@Brain_Station you can definitely integrate Airtable with Google Docs. What were you trying to integrate?

Would like to attach the captions written in my doc to a scheduled post. So maybe it’s just a link to that doc? Or a way to actually edit the doc from Airtable would be ideal.

Because I’m laz—, er, efficient, I’m going to quote from my reply to another post from a few days ago:

There is a rich environment of SaaS integration services out there. Two of the ones most frequently mentioned here are Zapier and Integromat — but if you wanted, you could spend the rest of 2019 doing nothing but evaluating competing options. Each has its own constellation of strengths and weaknesses: price, UI/UX, number of canned integrations, quality of documentation, polling cycle, and the like. Most work the same way: By providing pre-packaged endpoint integrations — for instance, to Airtable on one end and [Google Docs] on the other, with both linked to a common data abstraction in the middle — and then allowing you to pass data through the central abstract data layer in the middle so as to complete the circuit.

I’ve never tried to integrate with [the website from which the other poster wished to retrieve data], so I don’t know which services support that end-point. However, building a simple interface between Airtable and another supported site — and I’ve integrated with a number of Google services, the US Postal Service, and others — is typically less than an hour’s work the first time around.