Fill the form with the data from another table

I have created a new empty table with a form view.
I want the user to be able to select records in the form, that are pulled from a different table with two columns (make & model, years)

Not sure how to achieve this.
Every time I create a linked record it just pulls the make and model of the car. Not the years.

Welcome to the community, @Mariusz_S! :smiley: One principle of database design that’s good to follow is that of making the data in the primary field (the first field of any table) unique. Internally, Airtable technically does this for you by creating a unique record ID for each record. However, it’s still a good practice to do this yourself to avoid possible confusion as you’re working with your data.

In this case, I suggest moving the make and model into to a new field (I’ll call it {Make and Model} for now), then turning the primary field into a formula that combines the make and model with the years. Something like this:

{Make and Model} & " - " & Years

That will put everything into the primary field, it will be unique, and also easier to interpret as people are choosing linked records from the form.

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