Filter Against String of Unique IDs



How can I take a string of comma-separated IDs (the value we use in our key field) and then filter against them? Currently it seems like I must add a million OR statements, each matching one ID in the string. But this is hugely inefficient when considering a string of dozens if not hundreds of unique values.

Please help!



Similarly, we cannot paste a comma-separated string of IDs into the find field. It assumes the entire string is one value to query against. We’d kill for the ability to filter for, and/or find for, entire lists of Stock IDs.


Those stock elements does not share any other property to filter with? I think you could get what you want with other approach. What is your base structure?


I need a way to cherry-pick say 20 records out of a base of say 15000. How can we rapidly reduce such a large table down to the desired sub-set of 20? I want to be able to input a comma-separated string (or comparable) and immediately work with this sub-set.