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I have a quick question - do you know maybe if it’s an option to have a trigger for showing the form? For example, I want to show a survey after the user clicks the chosen button. Can I do this somehow?

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Welcome to the community, @Anna_Sieron! :smiley: Are you talking about a button field in a table? If it’s set to open a URL, that URL could be for your form. If that’s not quite it, then please share more details about your current setup, and how you envision connecting this to open a form.

Hi Justin :slight_smile: I was writing about sharing option via embed the code on my site and I was wondering of it’s possible to do it somehow using trigger - like click on the specific button which can be click anytime anywhere?

I’m still not clear on what you’re trying to do. Going back to your original message…

  1. What exactly is “the survey”? Is this an Airtable form with survey questions?
  2. Where and what is “the chosen button”? Is this a regular button that you have on your website? Is this a button field in an embedded Airtable view on your site?


yes. It is a Airtable form with the survey questions - sorry that I called survey and make it unclear.

And yes - by the button I understand button on my website - any regular button there - and the click to this website button I wanna treat as a trigger for showing the Airtable form to the users on my site.

So I was wondering if somehow I can use Airtable or I should look for the different form/survey tool.

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Thanks for the clarification. This should be pretty straightforward to set up. Each Airtable form has a URL to open it (click the “Share form” link in the toolbar for the form in Airtable). Set up the button on your website so that it targets that URL. As far as adding the button itself, that’s something you’ll need to figure out based on how you’ve designed your site.

If you want the survey form to be embedded in your site, and only appear when the button is clicked, that will take a little more work, but not much. The easiest way would be to build a new page for your site that has the form embedded (in the “Share form” dialog in Airtable, there’s a “Embed this form on your site” link with more setup details), and target that page when the button is clicked.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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