Formula for Following up with Clients, weekly, monthly, quarterly


I made this formula that tells me when it has been 5 days since my last contact with a client IF(DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Last Contact},‘days’)>5,“Overdue”,“Ok for now”) and it works perfectly. There are some clients that I want to follow up with weekly, monthly, quarterly etc !

Now what I want it to do is look at my contact frequency column and if someone is tagged as weekly then say overdue after 8 days, if they are bi-biweekly say overdue in 15 days, if they monthly say overdue in 35 days etc etc. Any ideas on how I would do that.


Try this
IF(DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Last Contact},‘days’)>SWITCH({Contact Frequency},"weekly","8","bi-weekly","15","monthly","35"),“Overdue”,“Ok for now”)


Thanks for your help @Kamille_Parks

That didn’t quite work. Not sure what I am doing wrong.


The quotes need to be removed from the numbers in the SWITCH statement, and there were also stylized quotes around a couple literal strings, which Airtable doesn’t like. Here’s the corrected version:

IF(DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Last Contact},'days')>SWITCH({Contact
Frequency},"weekly",8,"bi-weekly",15,"monthly",35),"Overdue","Ok for