Formula help for due dates

I saw a post with the following formula: IF(IS_BEFORE({Due Date}, TODAY()), “:boom:”, " ") This formula puts the emoji in a column if the due date for something is past. I’m not really good with formulas. Is there a way to make it have that emoji if it is ON the due date AND after?

You can see if today is greater than the due and apply the emoji.

IF(TODAY()>{your date field},"late","")

Thank you! How would I also make it blank if there was no date in the due date column? I’m lost on all of the parenthesis and extra quotations and what they mean. I will have time to go research that one day, i hope…(but for now, i gotta make just this work).

Also, where do you get the emojis? (when on a Windows desktop).

Hi @Brandi_Mills,

You should be able to use something like this:

  {Due Date},
      IS_SAME(TODAY(), {Due Date}, 'day'),
      IS_AFTER(TODAY(), {Due Date})

This will first check for any value at all in the {Due Date} field – IF( {Due Date} ... . If the field is empty, then execution will stop and nothing will be output.

If any value at all is found in the {Due Date} field, then it will continue to process the next conditional. Inside that, we make an OR() condition. If either one (IS_SAME() or IS_AFTER()) comes back as true, then it will output the emoji, otherwise it will not output anything.

So the end result of this is either an 💥 emoji if the due date is today or past, or else a blank cell.

I prefer to use Airtable’s explicit Date functions like IS_SAME() and IS_AFTER() rather than comparing dates with math operators like < or >= because I feel it makes the formula more clear to future readers. That’s just personal preference, though.

Also, here’s an explanation of how to access the emoji picker in Windows:

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Thank you very much -that worked!

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