Formula to calculate ETA using a start date and number of days

I need a formula to calculate ETA (more like Estimated Day of Arrival) for animal breeding purposes. I have a column with number of days bred and a column for the date checked. The average gestation period is 278 days.
Is there a formula in which I could use the start date(ex: 9/11/2019), days bred (ex:84), and gestation length (ex:278) to calculate delivery day?

Please and Thanks!!!

The DATEADD() formula I think will do the trick here. I’m a little unclear how, or if, the days bred/date checked columns should affect the Estimated Day of Arrival. But for a simple Start Day + Average Gestation time = ETA formula, you could use

DATEADD({Start Date}, {Gestation}, 'days')

You can read more at the documentation if you would like:

Great! I was able to figure it out easily by tweaking the formula you provided. One more question. Is there a way to remove the time on that? It’s providing me with a day and time (12:00am) we don’t really need the time.

Thanks again!

Yes, if you go into the “Formatting” tab (right next to where you edit the formula), you’ll notice there’s an “Include a time field” option. If you’d like, you can also change how the date displays here as well.

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