Formula to display item from another table in the same base, but not using linked records

I am creating a base to keep track of a collection for insurance purposes. I have the list of items in one table and then I have a checklist of what I need for each item in another table all in the same base. I want to copy the items that are in the main table over to the checklist table’s main field dynamically.

The main table is already a mile long column-wise, so I didn’t want to put the checklist in the same table. I thought about just using another view, but…it junks up my table, even though you can hide fields.

Unfortunately, the type of field the primary field can be is severely limited, but it is able to be a formula field.

So I was wondering if there was a formula that could use to dynamically copy/update the primary field with the items in my main table. For example, you can display items from another column with a formula field by simply using the formula: {FieldNameHere}

Is it possible to “call” on another table?

I only get one automation as well since I only have a free plan and it’s being used. :frowning:

Hi @Anxious,
As far as I know Formulas cannot reference another table without there being a linked field. You can use the free Scripting Extension and create JavaScript to allow tables to interact with each other.

Why do you not want to use linked fields with lookups?

Because you can’t add them automatically, can you? If I create a record in the main table, I want it to also add that record name to the checklist table.

You can do that with Automations easily. You can have more than one Automation in the free plan. You can only have one active Extension in the free plan.

Oh, I thought we were only allowed one automation. I might have gotten automations and extensions confused.

I’ll go see if I can set that up, thanks.

No problem. Let me know if you get stuck on anything.

I actually can’t get it to work. I have “create record”, which it definitely does…but a blank one. I guess Airtable just creates the record immediately without waiting for the information to be input.

So I tried adding an “update record” too, but I am stuck at the point where it wants a record ID. It keeps saying everything is invalid.

Happy to help.

The trigger When a record is created, fires off the moment that record is made. So if you want something from the new record you will need to fire the automation after you have entered data. When a record matches a condition or when record enters a view are common choices for copying data.

Lets say you add a checkbox to your Main table. Call this ‘Ready to Copy’


Your automation will look something like:

Trigger: Table - Main table, When record matches a condition - Ready to Copy is checked
Action: Create a new record, on the checklist table. Place the field from the Main table into the Checklist table field you want it in.

Now you create a new record in Main, check the Ready to Copy box and the Automation copies the data from Main to Checklists table.

That worked perfectly, thanks!

Hello - a bit late to the game but perhaps a solution which could work better than an automation ….

Have you thought about using synced views with a restricted fields.

You can sync your first table but only carry over the name (and any other field that you want to use) into a new table which you can then use.

This has advantages over automations in that the records will be connected at all times but without the overly long list of fields that you are worried about.

We use this type of solution to manage a number of processes around a specific object to avoid the same concern.

Hope this helps.

Are synced views the same as regular sync? If so you can’t sync tables that are in the same base, only two different bases.

that’s right - you would need to use a second base - but that can stay within your system

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