Google Analytics with AirTable and Bulk Editing URLs to match

I want to connect basic pageviews/unique pageviews from GA to our AirTable Editorial Calendar.

The edit calendar has full URLs
GA, of course, only has /path.

How can I automate matching these records?

Is there a way to bulk edit all URLs to insert or delete

Something easier?

Welcome to the community, @Susan_Stegemann! :smiley: I haven’t used Google Analytics before, so could you describe the data format that GA provides? Is it a simple CSV file, or something else? Or are you hoping to do the matching on the back end using tools like Zapier or Integromat? Also, is your editorial calendar in a free Airtable workspace, or in a Pro (or higher) workspace?

It’s a simple csv. GA reports the data through relative URLs, but my editorial calendar has full URLs. I need to bulk edit one or the other to match them up.

Hi @Susan_Stegemann - you can create a new formula field in your GA table with formula: & {Path}

This should then match with your content table.

You might also what to create a link field between the two tables and copy and paste the formula value into this, which will then link the GA data to the content records for lookups, rollups etc.

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