Grouping by Multiple Select Field


Let’s say I want to assign the same item to two categories in a multiple select field. And I am grouping my view by that field. For instance maybe I am creating a list of vendors and what we buy from them, so for HP I want to select “computers” and “printers” from my multiple select field. For Xerox I would only select “printers”. I would now want my grouped view to look something like this:


  • HP


  • HP
  • Xerox

But instead what Air Table understandably does is this:
Computers; Printers

  • HP


  • Xerox

Is there a way to create the grouping I want where HP would be listed twice, once under each category, as in my first example? Hopefully I’ve described my question in a way that makes sense.



You may not like the solution I think of…
Create a seperate record for every item, and let go of the idea of Multi Select and switch to Single Select. Something like this:

If you enter it like that, the grouped view will be like this:


I know, it’s not perfect, but it works.


Thank you. Yes, as long as that’s the solution I can live with that :-).


This is also why I have come to the forum today.
Airtable should have a switch to group in this way. It’s confusing to see so many groups - arbitrary, non-existent groups of multiple combinations.