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Passing Output Variable from Script to Another Script

Hello! Apologies for the potentially basic question, but I was having trouble sorting through the existing documentation and I couldn't find a simple explanation. I'm trying to pass the output variable newCode into a new script, however I'm not sure ...

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Synced Tables and Syncing Intervals

Hi all! I have read this great post but I have a further question about sync....there is a precise synchronization time following the "Source Base" update?My process is this:- When the event occurs I send a webhook via Make- The webhook triggers an a...

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delete comments made by other users

Hi community,It seems there is no possibility to delete comments made on records by other users.I am the base manager (owner), and would appreciate the possibility to remove comments made by others without asking each person to delete their own comme...

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Sudden critical issues with Airtable (Forms and Automations)

Greetings,Maybe somebody is facing something similar starting today? When trying to submit a form the following error appears (below).  There were no changes to the Base. Also, the same started to happen to an older (4-5 months old) version of the sa...

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Is anyone else having saving/loading issues?

My bases and views were working just fine until a few hours ago.  Now they get stuck saving and timeout with "An error has occurred" message.  None of the work done isn't saved.I've messaged enterprise support but haven't received any feedback.

Screen_Shot_2023-02-01_at_3_03_35_PM-2.png Screen_Shot_2023-02-01_at_3_16_42_PM.png
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How to add a retry to a script?

Hello there,a script that is running as part of an automation is failing occasionally because it is exceeding the 30 seconds limit. This is out of my control because it is calling an external API which sometimes takes a bit longer due to high load (O...

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Database for Web App

Hi all, it's my first time using no-code tools and I am trying to add airtable as a database tool to collect sign-up information as well as customer queries and any other related data. Where do I start? 

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Create a form where an external party needs to fill in a table

Dear airtable community,I want to send out a form where someone can fill in some information. But I really want an option where a table could be filled in. Currently, if you make a form from the existing spreadsheet, you need to fill in the form 4 ti...

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How to add price ranges?

Sorry if I'm not expressing well what I intend to do.Let's say I want to list several virtual pc's services but most of them offer their services per hour and price ranges changes between pc tiers. Let's say basic £2 per hour, medium £3 per hour and ...

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Cannot add password due to Gmail Login

Hi all,I'm having trouble to add a password to my Airtable account. I've ever used login throught Gmail but now I need to add a Password. I click to the field "Add a Password" in my Account page but I never receive the email to set it up. I've tried ...

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one time field edit

Hello everyone,I have more than one fields , i need to share Grid view with some users and allow them to edit piratical field only one time .example  : Check in field , I need them to check in the user , once they check in it's should block the selec...

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YAA by 4 - Data Explorer

Resolved! Using a script to get the cell data from a specific date

HelloI have a task I'm trying to achieve with a script in an automation. It's an automation to run every 3rd week of a month (ideally), and to trigger a script which will find all the Wednesdays in the next month and create certain records on those d...

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MrLuke by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Product Catalogue with Wholesale Pricing

I want to setup an airtable structure with the followingProducts -Lists the standard products (name, sku, price) - there are 12 productsCustomers -List of the customers and products from first table with an option to override the price of each produc...

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A way to not save survey data?

Hi there,I have created a survey using Airtable and then an automation which triggers an email to be sent once the survey is completed. It's all working great. However, I don't want to save, store or have access to the information that is inputted in...

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Automation question

Hello! How do i configure a automation in a way that when my action is triggered, the automation adds a user (people) to a already existing and specific cell? Please have a look at my screenshot, thank you so much!!!!Greetz, Bas

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2 Step Authentication - Can't submit phone number

Hi Airtable team,I am from Vietnam and my country code is +84. I am trying to set up 2 Step Authentication but when submitting my phone number, it keeps showing the Error: "Error submitting phone number; please try again."Does anyone have any ideas t...

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