Handle error in automation

Hello all,

I have an automation that is looking for a record with specific values.
Sometimes it does not find the matching and it is normal (it is a use case.) I would like to know if there is a way to catch the error of the find function ?
If not I was thinking of doing it with a script but I found it strange that in automatisation it is not possible to catch error or even do conditional branch.
thanks for your help

Unfortunately, this is a major problem with automations. It seems like an oversight by the Airtable developers, which is sadly not unusual.

Please send an email to support@airtable.com and ask them to please fix this problem. The more they hear from people about this, the greater chance we have of them fixing this issue.

Your only 2 options for working around this problem are:

  1. Writing a script.
  2. Using a professional automation platform such as Integromat.
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hello scott,
that’s what I thought.
I will do that for sure.

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