Handling actions and automation

Hello, I’ve read the community forum for a while and wondered if people had any thoughts on triggering a renewal in a structured way.

We have a table for DOMAINS and as we handle a renew, we want to add +2 YEARS to the domain’s expiry. I’d want to record the LAST UPDATED (only to be done on renewals, not other fields) and add the 2 years on the EXPIRY.

I’m keen to automate, as I might look to raise the invoice automatically in time. Some people seemed to use CHECKBOX to then tripper a Zappier Zap. Has anyone done much with that route?

Or any other thoughts or general routes I can research? Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community, @James_Montgomery! :smiley: Just to make sure I’m clear on the process you describe, you want a system that lets you easily mark a domain for a 2-year renewal. Using the checkbox example you listed, checking a box in a domain’s record would update the existing {EXPIRY} field with the new domain expiration date, and also note the date this renewal was processed in a {LAST UPDATED} field. Is that correct?

Thanks @Justin_Barrett and appreciate the help.

That’s exactly right and we have the same principal with hosting for +1year or +3months.

The CHECKBOX example was only from reading other people’s ideas in the forum - but we’e open to other routes too. Thank you.

I suggest using a custom-designed form built in something like Jotform or Typeform. You would have a formula field in Airtable that would build a URL to open this form and prefill certain fields with information regarding the domain that’s up for renewal. In the form, you’d choose the renewal period (3 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc) and submit it. The data would be sent Zapier via webhook, and the zap would update the relevant fields in Airtable.

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