Having trouble getting my formula to work (prefill form)

So I watched an excellent Youtube video and figured out how a user can edit table data with a form. However, I got the Record ID to prefill, but I can seem to get the others working.

Here is the code. It’s a mess. Hard to write it in since a tiny box.

CONCATENATE({Form URL},'?prefill_Parent%20Record%20ID=',{Record ID},'&prefill_Doll%20Complany=',{Doll Company},'&prefill_Company%20Logo=',{Company Logo},'&prefill_Country=',{Country},'&prefill_Status=',{Status},'&prefill_Doll%20Lines=',{Doll Lines},'&prefill_Sub%20Lines=',{Sub Lines},'&prefill_Resin%20Colors=',{Resin Colors},'&prefill_Will%20they%20custom%20color%20resin?=',{Will they custom color resin?},'&prefill_Official%20Webpage=',{Official Website},'&prefill_Official%20Taobao%20Store=',{Official Taobao Store},'&prefill_Official%20Measurements=',{Official Measurements},'&prefill_Skin%20Color%20Comparison=',{Skin Color Comparison},'&prefill_Notes=',{Notes})

Company Logo is an attachment field (this may be the issue), not sure how I can get that to prefill if at all? I tried removing it and there as no change.
Status is a single select field
“Will they custom color resin?” is a single select field
Official Website is a URL field
Official Taobao Store is a URL field
Official Measurements is a URL field
Skin Color Comparison is a URL field

The rest are all text fields.

In the video, the individual has something in his code that was “ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT”. What does that do? Do I need it?


UPDATE: I spelled Company wrong in my code, and fixed that so now that field prefills. The rest do not, however.

If you have a pro account you could just use the Prefill Forms app to generate the proper code for you.

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I do not have a pro account.

I managed to get a lot of them working. However, some of the prefills are getting cut off at one word. Also, how to prefill a single select field to whatever the field is set as?

Things to note: This solution of free. I have a free plan so I cannot use apps and don’t want to spend hundreds on a third-party solution.

Solutions, thanks to Youtube:

  • You cannot prefill an attachment field.
  • You need the ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT if the prefill text has spaces. Even if the prefill is a single select field, and the single selection has a space in it, then you will need ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT.

Fixing the space issue and omitting the attachment field fixed everything.


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