Help with Checkmark formula

I’m trying to create a formula that looks for either of 2 fields to be checked. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I can get it to work with either/or but trying to look up both, I’m stumped. Thank you!

IF((Agreement =1) OR(IF{Umbrella Agreement}=1)),“:sunglasses:

Hello! Breaking it down, you would format it as follows to consider two criteria:


AND statement
AND((Agreement =1), ({Umbrella Agreement}=1))


OR((Agreement =1),(IF{Umbrella Agreement}=1))

Then, adding in the IF you would write this like :
IF(OR((Agreement =1), (IF{Umbrella Agreement}=1))," ^_^ ")

Hope that helps

NB (This is just formulas from memory - So may not be completely correct, but hopefully it will at least show you how to structure a formula like this.

Tried all those and still not working. Sorry, I’m so new to this.

@Cara_Shaw, @andywingrave

The format of the OR is the same as the AND, i.e.:

IF(OR({Agreement} = 1, {Umbrella Agreement} = 1), 'Success', 'Failure')

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That worked!! Many thanks.

That was my copy paste mistake, sorry! Thanks @JonathanBowen

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