How do I delete "unnamed record"

How do I delete “unnamed record” across the gallery view or how do I fill it in? I can’t figure out either.

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Are you using the Airtable interface, or are you looking at a shared view in a web browser?

You can delete a record in gallery view by right-clicking the record and selecting “Delete record” from the menu.

You can fill in the details in the record by clicking it to open the record in expanded view, and then entering the details. Note that you can only enter details in editable fields, not computed fields. If only calculated fields are visible, you may need to show hidden fields in the expanded view.

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Hi Sonya,

When I see unnamed record it’s probably because the primary field isn’t filled. To learn more about the importance of the primary field (and generally how Airtable works), I’d recommend starting with one of our trainign webinars at


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