How long till I lose access to my over limits bases in a free plan workspace?

I am planning to take a 4-5 month break off work. So I moved my PRO plan workspace to free plan. It had 5 bases, containing 20,000-30,000 records each. As the free plan only allows 1,200 records, my workspace is now image.

The bases the workspace had were untouched since a few months - but I cannot delete them. I’ll find myself some time this week, to export each view of every base so I don’t lose data.

My only concern is do I have a week/or two before my base is unaccessable to me? Kindly guide me. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Airtable has not published how long people have access to bases that are over limits.

The limits appear to be soft limits—you do not loose access, and all of you data remains intact for quite a while. I have move bases with over 1200 records from a pro workspace to a free workspace and back to a pro workspace, and everything works normally when the base is back in a pro workspace.

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