How to count checked-in members of a team with rollup()?


We’re planning a competition. I’ll have Attendees and Teams. Teams are made up of Attendees (two or four members per team). I want two columns on the Teams table: (1) a count of the number of checked-in members of that team and (2) a total count of members of the team.

The Attendees table will have a Checked-In field that is a Checkbox. Ideally, this would be the field that is being counted IF they are a member of the team.


Well this is embarrassing but it turns out this is the default behavior of the Rollup field! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I became confused by the UI of the field and thought it was going to count all checked-in records in the linked table and not only the linked records for that team.



What is “Checked in”? You also have a Count field type:


Really sorry if I’m being presumptuous but did you maybe not read my comments? :wink: I answered my own question in my second post and the answer to your question is in the second paragraph of my first post:

The Attendees table will have a Checked-In field that is a Checkbox.


Your brain clicks in right after you press the submit button.


I mean in the “real world”, just trying to figure out the best way to solve your situation.


Ah OK. My apologies. Overall, my issue was solved once I realized how Rollup actually works. Also, I am using Count in another field “Total Members”. These two fields combined give me the ability to create a 3rd field (Formula) like this: “75% (3/4)”.