How to link columns

I as making a Base and there are 4 sheets. Is there something i can to for some of the columns of the sheets be linked?
Example: We made a CRM about out clients. In one of the sheets are all the oportunities and who of our Hunter Team brought this oportunity. Then, we made a Sheet that tells us more about the client (website etc). I would like to link the Hunter in both sheets for that same name of client.

Hi @zoe_povoa,

Here’s a couple of videos that explain how you should set up the linking within your CRM. After you’ve done that, you can keep watching the rest of the Youtube series on how to build out your CRM.

#1 Airtable CRM for Killer Sales Teams - Contacts Table
#2 Airtable CRM for Killer Sales Teams - Company Table

Good luck!!

Cherry @ AirOps Consulting :rocket:

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