How to link records from a BASE table to another Base table?


Hi everybody, my question is how do I link records from a base table to another base table, is this possible?

I’m working on two different bases, Product catalogues /orders and business budgeting.
I would like to link order sales from the Product catalogue base to the income table in budgeting base. How do I do that?

Thank you in advance

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Unfortunately you can’t do that. You could add another voice in here:


Hi :wave: @Ramona_Russo,

Like @David_Skinner said. It’s not possible… but:

  1. If you dig into the thread you’ll find there are a few work arounds with @openside and Zapier.

  2. It might be that you just want to combine both your bases. If the information on both bases is shared with the same people it makes sense for them to be in the same place.


Thank you @David_Skinnerand thank you @bdelanghe. I appreciate your help

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Is there any reason to not have them together?


Well, if there is no other option, I thought about that too…however I’m not an expert in formulas…