How to Move Fields in Multiple Views


Hi there, I’ve added a new custom field to my primary view and put it the order I want it to be with my other fields. When I navigate to a secondary view that custom field is alllllll the way at the end of my view (not where it is in my primary view). Is there a way to customize the field so that it’s at the beginning of every view? Does that make sense?


I have a similar case.
I have added a new field to the primary Grid View and want it displayed in a certain position in all my saved views (e.g. 6th column from the left). Is there a way to do this easily without having to open all my views and move the column individually? This becomes particularly arduous and error-prone if I make several field changes…


As I just tested, Airtable orders the fields in a view in the same way as the view you are looking at, at the time of creation of the new view.

If you add a new field, it will default to the end of the views because in the case that each view has a different field order, it would then distort that order. So the only predictable behavior is to move new fields to the end of all existing views.

Additionally, from a best-practices stand point, the data structure(fields) of a table should be complete before building on top of it(i.e. many views)