How to separate multiple dates pulling from look up fields and have them readable

I have used this formula to separate data that is simple 4 letter abbreviations and it works perfectly. However, the data is also associated with dates and times that I need to separate and have readable and separate in an email automation. When I use the above method, the dates (which read fine in their native field) come out looking like this

Has anyone run into this before or have a solution?

Hi @Kevin_Bower ,

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This is the ISO date formate, you can use the DATETIME_FORMAT() in the formula to make it more friendly

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Thank you for your response! So Ive used DATETIME_FORMAT In the fields that are being fed and it comes out wrong still. Are you saying somewhere in the larger formula you could drop it in? If so where would it go in this sequence?

IF( FIND("," , {Time}),
FIND(",", {Time})-1

I think this might solve the issue

IF( FIND("," , {Time}),
FIND(",", {Time})-1
),‘MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm a’),

Take care of the timezone though if you are using Time in your email. If you dont need the time, you can get ride of the “hh:mm a”

Let me know if this works :slight_smile:

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