Integromat convert record ID to field value

hi, i’m currenly trying to use integromat to copy data from one base to another. but when there’s a linked column. it copies its record id instead of its field value. i tried turning on smart link, but it still copies record id instead of its value. any help please?

Hi @Sneh_Patel

I just had to do this recently, with Integromat.

Here is a screenshot example of how I did my setup. For my use case the field name of the linked field was a check mark, but it is whatever the name of the field/table is, which has the link.

Hope it helps.

Mary Kay

@M_k thanks for replying, but when i do things the way you described, it shows this error : record ID xxxxxx doesnot exist. and i’m trying to copy from a linked column to another linked column in another base.

Hi @Sneh_Patel

The two values in the quick links, are they the linked fields from each of your tables? If, so, you will need to just place the blue tag only from the field in the secondary table.

Also, you might not need the word “true”.

Can you show a screenshot of the field with the blue tag? This should be the field/tag from the main table.

Hope this is clear.

Mary K

@M_k i tried it without true flag and without adding anything to smart links field but it still shows the same error. here’s the screenshot you asked for.

Hi @Sneh_Patel

So, do you have two linked fields, in the main table?

What is the field name from the secondary table? I would suggest that you type the name of that field, exactly as you have it in your second table, into the Quick Links field. I think that I might have not have been clear in explaining this step. Try that.

In the mean time I will do some testing at my end and see how that goes.


what I’m trying to do is copy my one table’s few columns to another record, so i can work with them there, so yes, I’ve same named columns in my both airtable bases named as “client” and “Job Type” and both are linked columns in both bases. i tried to copy from linked column to Single line text, but it copies it as record ID(so, its a fail for me too.) if copying to linked column doesn’t work, at least copy to single line text would be fine for me. let me know if it works for you in single line text.
and i tried typing the exact name of field in smart link with smart link on and off, but it keeps giving same error, “he operation failed with an error. Record ID recPfIfbPoTutdaaj does not exist.”

let me know if you can’t understand it, i’ll send a video of my procedure, thanks

Hi @Sneh_Patel

Do you have names of clients in the Client field and jobs in Job type field? Are these the two fields that are linked to the same field names in the same base, in a second table? Or in a completely different base? Since there are tables in a base and then there are seperate bases, which are two different structures. I just want to understand your base/bases setup.

It would also be helpful if you could send me screenshots of your whole scenario setup and also the Airtable base. Just a few records will do. You can blackout any sensitive information.

If you you could also send me a brief Video showing how the scenario structure should work, that will be helpful, too.

Thank you,
Mary Kay

Linked records always copy Record ID’s, as that’s how they’re stored in the Airtable field itself.

You need to take that Record ID and search the other table with it first, in order to get the information that you want. Otherwise, Integromat has no idea what data you’re trying to pull. So you’re missing an entire search module in your Integromat scenario.

A linked record field is only a field filled with Record ID’s, even though the native Airtable interface shields this from you by showing you a primary field value.

yes, i do have data in client anf job type field. and they’re in same table.
here’s a video of my problem :

@ScottWorld i think integromat can convert record ID to field value using smart link as they say:
" If smart links is enabled, you can a) use names in linked record fields instead of record IDs to select an existing record or create a new one if it doesn’t exist."

let me know if it means something else…

It means something else. That’s for updating records, not for grabbing values from records.

@ScottWorld can you please describe your method of searching record from table a bit more? i want to copy from one table’s linked columns to another table as shown in this vid :

Hi @Sneh_Patel,

Sorry, I can’t give you an entire training on how to use the Integromat platform. However, if you have a budget for this project, I am available for hire to create Integromat scenarios for people, so please feel free to send me a direct message if you’d like to work with me.

Integromat also offers great technical support for their product as well, so you may want to reach out to them.

But in essence, you are missing modules in Integromat. There are more Airtable modules that you are not using, such as the “Search Records” module and the “Update Record” module.

You need to create an entire chain of modules together in the right order to do what you want to do. Once you get a Record ID, you then need to search for that record using the search module. Then, you can grab values from that record and do other things with it, such as creating records or updating records.

thanks, i’m fine with the info you’ve given me right now. i’ll manage it from here. :+1:t2: i’ll let you know if my boss is interested in your offer.

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Hi @Sneh_Patel

I set up a test scenario, using your base names with some test data and it worked. You will also need to add the field Time created in both bases.

Was your original intent to link both bases together? I noticed that you had two separate bases, perhaps that was why you were having some issues? Since, for linking fields/bases, the linking is van)

I hope this will help in your use case.

Mary Kay

Here are screenshots explaining the complete setup.

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@M_k thank you for your detailed response, but the “job name” and/or “client” is linked field in your setup?

because they don’t show up as record ID in your screenshots.

Hi @Sneh_Patel

I was following your video example and the field types were Long text.

I will have to do some more testing. It will take me a few days to do this.

Although, the example in the video, has data from two sources/bases or is there just one base.

I am trying to understand from were the source of the original data is originating from, since copying and linking are two different procedures.

Copying data can be from two different bases and linking is done in one base. You could have a base that has linking and then copy that base with the links, together, into another base. I am guessing that this is what you are trying to do.

Let me know what process you are using and what goal you would like to achieve.

Mary Kay

i need this, i’ve linked columns in one base and when i copy data from that base o=in another base it copies it as record ID, and if i copy that to another base’s linked column it results in an error as shown in the video. in your first reply you have shown that you successfully managed to copy linked columns values, i need to do that. can you please check your first post for that. and you can take your time in doing this :smiley:

Hi @Sneh_Patel

What are the names of the tables in the linked base and what field is linked?

Is it this base that you want to copy the two fields/data into?

I am trying to understand the work flow/use case.

Thank you,
Mary K