Introducing Interface Designer 🎉

I think this is pretty smart - it incentivizes everyone to jump on this train early and with exuberance.

Also a really good sign. While I’m betting that this feature will be inclusive for even the free accounts, I give my wager a 1-in-4 chance of paying off given today’s data and my inexperience using it. I believe (if fee-bound) it falls into the class of taxing customers for doing the heavy lifting of enhancing their apps, a really bad path for Airtable to be on. The most ideal way to gate payment levels is performance-based (record collections, etc), not feature based.

I think @ScottWorld intimated this is [possibly] a game-changer; I think he’s right. That’s twice in the past two weeks I have agreed with him. :thinking: Given this is an early beta, we can probably expect to see some startling enhancements on the horizon.

@kuovonne - you’re pretty experienced with Interfaces already and I’m curious about this scenario -

  • User in a company (or consultant) spends 20 hours setting up the most perfect interface for base (a).
  • Another group (or client) needs the same interface, but in base (b).

Does the user (or consultant) have to recreate the new interface from scratch?


If you duplicate an existing base, the interfaces are in the duplicate base.

If you want to reuse an interface in an already existing base, you need to recreate them manually. This is the same restriction with apps and automations–they are tied to the base and to get them in an existing base, they must be recreated manually.

On the other hand, much of the time spent setting up an interface is the design process. Even if it takes 20 hours setting up an interface, it should take much less time to re-create it (assuming that it is a straight recreation with no design changes).


Can you please clarify? We can already use conditional logic to when deciding when to trigger automations. Do you mean that you are adding conditional logic for determining what automation actions will run after the automation is triggered? If so, adding branching logic to an automation’s actions is a most welcome feature.


correct, we’re entering beta for adding branching logic to an automation’s actions :heart_eyes:


Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you create, @JonathanB . We haven’t explored password protection for interfaces, but we do have improvements to our permissions capabilities as a top priority, which should help you control who has access to Interfaces, and everything else, in Airtable. Stay tuned for updates! I’ll pass this specific feedback about password protection along to the team!


Thank you for the feedback @Mathias_Elmose ! We’re so glad you’re excited about Interface Designer. Our team is looking closely at our existing permissions structure, which we hope will make it easier to manage clients or collaborators who don’t need full access to your Airtable Base but do need to contribute to your workflow. Stay tuned!


This is incredibly good news!! The lack of meaningful permission features is the biggest collaboration pain point in Airtable! It is the primary reason we had to par-back our use of Airtable and eventually led to the death of our airtable tool. So excited to hear more!! :drooling_face::drooling_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is an excellent addition to Airtable - well done! I spent a bit of time drafting one up and I can already think of so many ways interfaces will help streamline workflows. Interfaces are simply more intuitive than row-based processing for most people; I think a lot of people at my company are going to be very happy with this!


Hi Jordan,

Is a form element for interfaces on the roadmap? I would love to see some native functionality which accomplishes similar data validation as that demoed within Kuovonnes previously posted interface video.

Congratulations to the entire Airtable team. This is a HUGE release and I’m so excited about it.

I have a few questions:

  1. Will there be a separate Interface Designer forum category where we can ask questions and submit feedback?
  2. How do we participate in the conditional/branching logic beta test? I didn’t see that in my current automations.

Thanks again to the Airtable team for all of the hard work to get us here!


Can we share outside our circle of paid members? Or is that what this is intended for?

Hi @Allen_Moldovan :wave:

Thank you for the feedback! We are exploring lots of different elements we could add to Interface Designer over time - including views and forms - so stay tuned for more updates to come.

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Hi Again,

Thanks for the quick response and transparency! I’m looking forward to seeing what the team comes up with. I’ll be hawking the announcements category!

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Hi @ScottWorld :tada:

Right now, you can access elements like Record list from the layout that is built to support that workflow. As we continue to build this feature, we’ll provide more flexibility in how you can set up your interfaces to make sure you can build exactly what you need! Lots of exciting updates coming :slight_smile:

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How can I get access to "beta for adding branching logic to an automation’s actions

Here’s another sample interface that I built for viewing and editing data across three linked tables, including adding and deleting linked records.


I played a bit with this last night before I went to bed, and it was the first thing on my mind when I woke up. So excited about the possibilities!


Same here. I played with it a bit last night. And then I woke up wanting to build out the two use cases that I have demoed. Even with this initial set of features, there is a lot of power to make workflows easier. I am even more excited to see what improvements are rolled out over the course of the upcoming year.


It would be good to have the ability to add new records in the ‘records list’. Perhaps based on some kind of permissioning system.

Two great videos today, @kuovonne! :smiley: :raised_hands:

I hope that Airtable can fix that issue of the linked records from 2 child tables away not clearing out when you switch to a different parent record. It looks like it will update linked records from 1 child table away, but not 2 tables away.

@Jordan_Scott1 This would probably be a good issue to share with the developers.