Introducing Interface Designer 🎉

Awesome updates @Jordan_Scott1 ! But few suggestions:

  1. Password protected interface (similar to how we share our table particular view)
  2. Enable button action in the interface. Lots of custom functions and magic from the button :grinning:

Look forward to your updates!


When trying to build some interfaces, Its nice that I can for example “count the number of unchecked” records. But I would love to be able to count “checked” ones too.

Being limited to “percent of checked” is not that helpful when it says “6%” but the actual count is “2”. In my use case “2” is much more useful number than 6% and its forcing me to omit data points in the dashboards because I dont have valuable data points that are clearer for my purposes.

The same holds true for other fields, see image, I can do “empty” and “unique” but not “filled”.



retaining access most likely implies a read-only state. We all know that everything that we build is never completely finished. So where does that leave us if the full access is in a plan higher than what we have?

I’m speculated that this will either be a separate paid feature or a feature included in the Enterprise. I’m leaning towards a separate paid feature only because if you look at the placement of your interfaces, they’re all neatly tucked away in a separate “workspace” of their own.

I know they need to wait and see what value WE find it this product in order for them to validate whatever price point they already have in mind. I wish they were fully transparent with their intentions.

Truth be known, I like this feature but I don’t know how much I should love it though.

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Maybe I’m missing something really obvious… How do I create a new record with an interface? Ie, a form where someone completes some fields and then saves it as a record?

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Is there a trick to moving around the elements that I am unaware of? They sort of have a mind of their own and want to snap into place in not-so-good-areas.


Ways to create a new record:

  • in a grid view, the same as a regular grid view (assuming that the filtering allows it)
  • from a linked record field itself (but not in a grid view based on the linked record field)
  • from an automation triggered by a data change in the base

There is no native form view in Interfaces. All data entry needs to be tied to an existing record.


OK, that makes me feel better. I was worried I had missed something very obvious!

Given the level of documentation and the fit-and-finish of the product so far, my expectation is that this will rapidly become a feature-complete UI builder, meaning a form view can’t be that far away… In the mean time I will pine for it. :wink:


I’m astonished !!!

I could easily create interfaces for bases that solved some business cases in a moment with an excellent result. This is a massive improvement and we are super excited to put them to work


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Thank you for flagging - I have shared this with the team! :pray:

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Exciting times - what would be truly beautiful for the future is if there was a way to share the interface alone without access to the underlying data and if we could create 1 interface bringing together information from multiple bases - now that would be living the dream


Just FYI - it looks like the Airtable team added a new section of the forum for Interface Designer!


The only “trick” that I’ve found is a combination of practice and patience. Especially the patience part. I’m choosing to believe that, as with many elements of this new feature, the interactivity will improve over time.


Would it be possible to have Elements visible based off of set conditions?
Conditional visibility example… “If {Field X} value is greater than or equal to the number 2, then show Grid Element #1, etc.”.

This would allow me to create more dynamic type of interfaces where I could show more specific elements depending on the type of data needing to be viewed at that time. Picture a Grid to a table where in some cases you only need to see certain fields, and in other cases you only need to see a different set of fields. In my case, it’s checkbox fields.


Hi @egordin - I just created an Interface Designer category so that should be good to go now. In terms of the conditional logic beta, can you send me a DM with your full name, company, job title, and email address? Then I can get you added :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this new feature @Jordan_Scott1 and Airtable team.

Hoping I’ll have time to tinker some-what this weekend. I noticed that when using a Blank template, that I couldn’t actually achieve the same result as found in “Record Review” template which has a “Record list” element - this “Record List” element isn’t displaying as something that I can insert into a blank template?

@Michelle_King thank you for this - I have shared with the team! :heart_eyes:

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WHAAAAAT :exploding_head::heart_eyes::star_struck: I’m DM-ing for beta!

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Per this (and several other) support pages

The only way to add the Record List element is by selecting the “Record review” layout when initially creating an interface. You can add the Record Picker element at any time from the “All Elements” menu.


@Karlstens LOVE seeing what you’re working on :heart_eyes: I’ve got some serious plant envy. Right now, you can access elements like Record list from the layout that is built to support that workflow. As we continue to build this feature, we’ll provide more flexibility in how you can set up your interfaces to make sure you can build exactly what you need! Thank you for sharing that this would be useful for you!

@BobBannanas thank you for sharing that this experience could be improved, we will pass it along to the team! Ideally, that is as seamless of an experience as possible. :slight_smile: