Introducing Interface Designer 🎉

@Michelle_King thank you for this - I have shared with the team! :heart_eyes:

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WHAAAAAT :exploding_head::heart_eyes::star_struck: I’m DM-ing for beta!

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Per this (and several other) support pages

The only way to add the Record List element is by selecting the “Record review” layout when initially creating an interface. You can add the Record Picker element at any time from the “All Elements” menu.


@Karlstens LOVE seeing what you’re working on :heart_eyes: I’ve got some serious plant envy. Right now, you can access elements like Record list from the layout that is built to support that workflow. As we continue to build this feature, we’ll provide more flexibility in how you can set up your interfaces to make sure you can build exactly what you need! Thank you for sharing that this would be useful for you!

@BobBannanas thank you for sharing that this experience could be improved, we will pass it along to the team! Ideally, that is as seamless of an experience as possible. :slight_smile:

Please send me a DM with your full name, company name, job title, and email address and I can get this taken care of :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community @Jason_Curtis_Droboth - We are so glad that you’re here and thanks for your patience in getting you an answer.

  • essentially, you have table A with all the schedule-able records, with a start and end date field, and table B with a multiple linked record field that links to table A
  • a record list on table B should allow you to select a record on table B, and pass the records in the linked record field to the timeline (these are records of table A)
  • the date options for the timeline should now reflect fields that can be picked on table A , not table B, which may be where the confusion is coming from - because it’s linked to table A, it uses table A’s date fields

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this @Esabatad_Daeh - this is definitely on the team’s radar and I will make sure this feedback gets passed along!

Thank you for sharing, I have passed this feedback along to the team!

Thanks so much for your thoughtful responses @Bill.French - Interfaces are tied to bases, but have shared this feedback with the team!

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Thank you for sharing this @Olpy_Acaflo - your interfaces look awesome! To clarify, we will not restrict use of any interface you build, regardless of your Airtable plan. You will be able to view, edit, and use any interface you create during the beta period, even once we move into GA. You should feel free to create and use interfaces without concern that those interfaces be subject to clawbacks or restrictions.

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Thank you for sharing this feedback, it’s super helpful and has been shared with the team.

Thanks for the announcement … I had noticed the little magic new button and immediately tested it.

If I understand correctly, the big news is that now you can create an EDITABLE form without using complex methods or external plugins, is that correct?

I also noticed that by sharing an interface my collaborator have now access to ALL MY BASE TABLES! Doens’t sound good. Is there a way to only share the interface?



Thank you for your answer @Jordan_Scott1 !
It’s AIRTABLE DEV Team that we have to thank for this beautiful interface because it’s one of your templates ! :grin:
On the other hand it suits perfectly to my use case :
I had not experienced such UX / UI in solutions of GRID or GALERIES proposed
“built on top of AIRTABLE’s public REST API” because in any case, my Image was never seen in a full true responsive way, so in this use case, I’m already very happy without any other settings!

I will continue to give you feedback when the opportunity appears but in the specialized section:



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Interfaces are only accessible to collaborators at this time. Collaborators have always had access to all of your base tables.

In other words, interfaces is not a “security layer” in Airtable. It’s just a new “design layer”.

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For those of you who appreciate this warrantee of access to your Interfaces into the future, know also that Jordan is obviously very-well versed in the risks associated with beta launches. Her use of the term “clawback” in this context would only come from a professional steeped in the challenges of managing customer expectations. I love the subtle insights about the team that is emerging at Airtable. Impressive tech, and impressive people.


Also chiming in to say that I really appreciate this – I have been very much in need of this exact thing. EXCEPT, the lack of ability to share that with people who are not on AT pretty much ruins it for me.

Here is how I am using this:

I run a company that has many consultants who run trainings for us, and we have base that is a list of everyone’s assignments, that we share in calendar view. Each event has a very long record attached to it because it holds all of the info needed to run that training. At the moment, the trainer goes to the calendar, clicks on that event, and then has to scroll through the record and read all the info. It’s not ideal because with syncing multiple bases, getting things in the right order is hard, its a lot of extra steps for our consultants and it is not particularly easy to read from the calendar view.

So, I used the interface to create a “trainer assignment sheet” that has all of the information that trainer needs. It looks great, easy to read, perfect. Except, I have no way to share each of those individual with the consultants who are doing that training. I am not going to pay $240 a year for each of consultants to access AT, when they really only need to see 2-4 records a year. So that leaves me with a gorgeous, self-populating interface that the people for whom it is for, cannot access.

My requests so far:

  • Make it so that each record on a view has it’s own interface that can be shared by link (same way that we can share a certain view of records),

  • Make it so that the interface can be shared by embedding into a website (same way that we can embed from a view now),

Thank you!!!


Thank you ScottWorld, so if I understand right, if I want to create a form without giving access to my base, I have to do it in the old way (and using thirdy party methods for the EDIT forms).


Yes, that is correct.

Mutatis mutandis for many of my clients, being a ventilation company that works on different projects for different building promotors, a engineering company that does studies on different building phases for different architects and contractors, a marketing company that wants to offer a view to their clients of all the actions they are taking for multiple marketing actions at once, …

But, being a Business Unit Manager at a training/consultancy company myself, your user case is recognizable :cowboy_hat_face: