Is there a way to create presentation mode of Kanban, switching through views of multiple blocks?

We have Kanban base with multiple views, blocks, and multiple dashboards. We would like to create a continuous view-only presentation-mode we could show on area monitors. Ideally it could cycle some combo of view, block, and dashboard, pausing some appropriate time. The presentation would be based on live data, so updates are immediately reflected in presentation.

There is no presentation mode and no way to repeatedly switch views.

You could take that task out to the OS level, by using an automation macro tool like (which is a Mac app — I’m sure there are similar ones for Windows) — that app could continuously switch views onscreen for you, if you setup the macro just right.

You could also try linking your Airtable database to Google Slides via Zapier, and see if Google Slides does the trick for you,

Depending on your operating system, there may be a way to semi-automate switching between views, blocks, dashboards, etc. using external macro-recording tools. This is grossly oversimplified, but the idea is that you would capture a “macro” that has you switching between the pieces you want for a single iteration of your desired loop, with pauses at all the right spots. Then set up the macro’s playback software to repeat that same series of mouse clicks, keystrokes, etc. on an endless loop (or a ridiculously-high number of times if “infinity” isn’t an option).

Again, your OS will largely determine what software is available, and frankly there’s no telling if there’s even a piece of software that has all of the features I talked about above, but it may exist…somewhere…out there…