Is there a way to merge two tables?

I am new to Airtable and have taken over a format that someone else started.
There were several pieces left out from the master table, which were, in the interim, documented on an excel sheet.
I was able to import as a new table, however the information needs to be added to the “Master”.
I couldn’t find a way to import the excel to the existing table, it only let me add it as a new one.
Is there a way to merge the two tables?

Assuming all the columns are in the same order, couldn’t you just copy the content of the new table and place it at the end of the other?

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I tried that, (thinking maybe it would be somewhat like you do in excel), however, I am either missing something or it’s not a supported function. When I copy the cells it doesn’t let me “paste” them, it tries to put all the cells in one cell.

You could import the table, then copy those new rows to your existing table, thrn delete the imported table.

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