I've taken a plan but it is always Trial

I’ve taken a Pro Plan, but it marks that I have always Trial. So can’t use the table as I want. Could you help me please ?

Thank you very much


Hello @Pierre_Guilhem,

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In Airtable you do not have the Pro Plan on all of your account, the Pro Plan is for on one Workspace. So check your Account , on the left you will see which workspace has the Pro Plan.

Dear Mohamed,
I have the same issue. The workspace is on the pro plan (I chekced following your advice) but it’s still on trial. I have no means to benefit from it. Delphine

Hi Delphine,

So you upgraded but it still shows you are on trial? Im not sure what is the issue?

Can you show me a screenshot of your account page with the workspaces showing on the left and the Workspace you are talking about?


The pro plan trial won’t let you use the pro plan benefits for customizing forms. I am having the same issue. I upgraded and paid for it, but won’t let me use the paid pro plan until my trial pro plan is over. Very frustrating. Any ideas? I need to customize my forms.

I am having the same issue. I need to customize forms but am not able to while I have the trial. I paid for the Pro plan but it won’t switch until the trial is over?

I contacted customer service a few times over the customized forms issue and they finally resolved it over the weekend!! I’m now able to customize forms on the pro trial. Check your account to see if it’s fixed, if not I would reach out to Airtable directly.

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