Jira Cloud Automation Failing (but still creating ticket)

I’m having an issue with all of the automations I have running with Jira Cloud integration. The automations have all been functioning properly for the last couple of months, then today at a certain time they all of a sudden started throwing failures for unknown errors. Below is a recording of a couple of the automation’s setups and the errors and run history. One important note is that it IS creating the tickets (even though it says fail) but then it stops the proceeding steps and fails the automation.

Recording of automations

Important notes: no one made any changes to any automation that could have caused this (I am the only person who can do this and I wasn’t on the Airtable). I did a snapshot of the last time the one automation worked, and it still threw a fail. I have tried to reconnect the Jira Cloud with the automation, hasn’t changed anything…

You’ll also see that the new marketing intake automation worked on the same day but then stopped working later that day.

The problem first occurred when a peer was using the Airtable and the automation was triggered and wasn’t working. Haven’t heard back from Airtable support yet but this is a pretty critical issue for us.

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Bumping this for any ideas at all? Airtable support hasn’t responded still and this is a pretty major issue for our business. Very limited Jira Cloud documentation for troubleshooting anywhere and I’ve pretty much done everything I can think of.

Hey @Cory_Shrecengost, smae problem here, just as you described - automations worked just fine for over a month after the setup, but were failing for the last couple of days - Airtable returns an error, however the tasks are created in Jira.

I’m guessing there have been some updates which have reset certain automations. I’d set up a new, identical automation if I was you.

Hey @Archie_Timosencov -
Thank you for your response, makes me feel like I’m not altogether crazy! Did setting up identical automations work for you?

Hey y’all -
Unfortunately I was not able to get any support from Airtable for whatever (very stressful) reason, but I have spent the greater part of today solving my own problem. Instead of using the native automation functionality in Airtable, I instead built out some new automations using https://us1.make.com/

We have several flows (I’m in a content role) that require integrations with Slack, Airtable, and Jira Cloud. We use this for intake, project tracking, passing on tickets to technical teams, etc. I am happy to share how I built these integrations out.

I set up a webhook through my existing Airtable form and then built automations from there. I think ultimately it might be for the better, and now I don’t have to concern myself with Airtable messing with my integrations anymore.

@Cory_Shrecengost not by a bit :smiling_face_with_tear:
I duplicated it, got rid of the original automation, created a new one step by step and nothing worked, I think there’s something wrong with Airtable receiving the information from Jira as the tickets are obviously created… Thanks for the solution BTW, I’d like to believe that they’ll fix the problem soon however I might also use another service to avoid these kinds of problems affecting me in the future

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Hey Archie -
Yeah I tried that solution that you recommended and unfortunately it didn’t work. I eventually got this message from Airtable support:

"Apologies for the delay here. The engineering team updated me shortly after my response letting me know they were looking further into the cause of the error before publishing the fix. Just to make sure there would be no negative impacts down the line.

Latest update is the deploy is currently happening and should be live on production shortly. Thanks for your patience here."

So I don’t really know what the issue is, but it was definitely on their end. For now I’m going to stick with the integrations I set up with Make (it’s free so there wasn’t a downside other than having to duplicate literally all of my efforts). Hoping they fix it, the native automations are preferred, but it’s great to have a backup setup now just in case.

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