June Product Updates

Hello Airtable Community!

We wanted to gather all of June’s product updates in one place, to make sure we keep you in the loop.

Here is a list of changes, big and small, that we introduced in June!

General Product Updates:

Automations updates:

  • We are so excited to announce our newest automation trigger: “When a form is submitted”! The “When a form is submitted” trigger can be used to trigger an action when a response is submitted to the specified Airtable form
  • When rendering records found from a view using “Find Records”, then rendering those records as an HTML list or grid in an email, the records will now be rendered in the same order as the view.
  • The “At scheduled time” trigger has gotten a big update! Besides a refreshed UI, the trigger now supports:
    • selecting a start date/time for when the trigger should start firing
    • when the specified time interval is weekly, you can now specify the number of weeks between automation runs (from 1-11 weeks).
  • You can now easily navigate to specific automations in your base by using the new “Copy automation URL” option to create a link that opens a specified automation directly.
  • The “Send MS Teams message” now clearly shows an error message when meeting the 28KB size limit.
  • The “Send Email” action no longer truncates ratings’ fields rendered in an HTML grid.
  • The “Run a Script” action now clearly returns an error message when the custom script output exceeds the 6MB limit.
  • Creating and updating automations is now easier than ever with the ability to change an automation’s step’s action type.

Mobile updates:


  • Editing filters is now presented in a bottom sheet, so you can see more of your data while you edit those filters.



Thanks for these updates, much appreciated.

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hooray!!! thank you!

Ok, let’s se-


… am I drunk? Is the evil stepbutton here to stay?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m way too old to be able to complain about imaginary things on the Internet with a straight face and “that was totally time well-spent” attitude.

But I did find this funny seeing how controversial recent changes were. I feel sorry for the people who regularly share bases with non-technical users, though, who’ll usually be clients by proxy/employment, and whatnot.

An inconsistent UI will eventually lead everyone into making a mistake. And based on these past few days,. it sounds like a lot of current consultants are one “where’s da buttooon” phone call away from realizing they’ve spent half a day volunteering as level 1 technical support because they simply did not anticipate things escalating so cartoonishly. Let me tell you, I’ve spoken with Airtable’s L1s a few times and they’re pretty amazing, no way you can compete if you’re in the consulting biz. :stuck_out_tongue:

So… yeah, fingers crossed for buttons to stay put, starting soon.

Thanks, @Rose_K! You’re a superstar! :star2::sparkles:

These are truly fantastic updates for the month of June! :cowboy_hat_face::raised_hands:

Love the persistent “New Record” button at the bottom of the screen! :grinning::heart:

p.s. One feature request that 2 of my clients really needed this week: Please allow us to make the column headers taller, so we can reduce the widths of our columns but still see the full field names. Maybe we can see this improvement in July? :wink::pray::pray::pray:


One feature request that 2 of my clients really needed this week: Please allow us to make the column headers taller, so we can reduce the widths of our columns but still see the full field names.

This would be amazing! I am waiting for it also +1


I think you have the wrong link here. The link opens a support page about a scripting action, and that page doesn’t mention anything about an automation url.

Fixed that link, thanks @kuovonne! :star2:

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I’m wondering in which context I could use this :thinking: Any use cases?

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I can only think of one use case for this bizarre addition to the product line: A client asking their Airtable consultant, “Can you please check over this automation for me? Here’s the link.”

Meanwhile, we have REAL needs that are going extremely unmet by the Airtable team. See my post above for one tiny example out of hundreds.

What’s left to say @ScottWorld … We can only hit the same nail that many times :man_shrugging: If I were Airtable, I’d book a flight for you, @kuovonne, @Bill.French and @Kamille_Parks (to name a few), put you guys in a 5* hotel and let you braindump everything. Then put together the biggest and most capable team I could find AND GET ON WITH IT!

But hey, I’m just a simple freelancer from Belgium :expressionless:

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Wow! Honored to be in that class and regarded with such high praise. Thank you.

Oddly, this exact scenario has happened to me three times.

  • Microsoft
  • Boreland
  • Ashton-Tate

Yes - I’m that old. I’m pretty sure I have a filling in my mouth that’s four times the age of the average developer at Airtable. It was placed there when Casey Kasem announced The Carpenters hit #1 on the Billboard chart with Close to You.

The Microsoft gig was the most expensive (7-course meal at this posh place with Gates himself presiding). Caviar at $125/serving was interesting, but I’ll never forget the $7200 bottle of wine Ron Dennis served me at an Ashton-Tate dLAB Advisory Board meeting. I would have been equally impressed with an $800 Bordeaux.

But… I digress from what is possibly the most understated digression ever.

Airtable was doing fine before I showed up, and they’ll do very well long after I’m gone. Of course, they won’t feel those moments of anguish they must have often felt when I burp out my next complaint. Indeed, I would love to engage and help them before I pull the ripcord from this storybook land of codeless bliss. :wink:

In other news, Elon says my product is “cool”. He says so much with so few words.


Hahaha, I love that idea!! :grinning: And I second that idea!! :stuck_out_tongue:

This would, of course, require the Airtable team to make a dramatic shift in focus by actually valuing: (1) their customers, (2) their community, and (3) their consultants. :man_shrugging:t2:


Well, yeah. I was wondering what the purpose was, which was why I clicked the link to find out more, which was how I discovered that the link was incorrect.

On the other hand, I imaging that this is an important use case for Airtable support. It could also potentially be useful for consultants working with clients for the same reason.

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Thank you for the honor. There are several others that also deserve to be in that hotel.

I think that Airtable is already trying to do this. They just aren’t very public about what they are working on.

For now, Airtable seems to be happy to get feedback from us for free on these forums.

I’ve trying to decipher the second half of your sentence and have come up several different interpretations. Whenever you pull that cord, you will be missed.

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I trust that with your Cybertruck, Cyberlander, and a little Starlink bandwidth you’ll be keeping our community honest for years to come while out in the wild :raised_hands:

Airtable, holla at me.

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Perhaps, but oddly, with all of the CyberLandr™ activity, I find myself deep inside a Nevada DOT project. We landed the contract to provide 22 gantry surveillance systems throughout Vegas and Reno. We were hoping we would not get this gig, but our AI stuff that counts HOV lane passengers with fully blackened windows won the deal.

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I want to go the trip also! haha, where to sign? :rofl: :joy:

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I’ll mail you the Excel :joy:

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