Kanban view by Projects - sort Tasks by Due Date

Hi everyone. I have a lists of tasks and I’ve connected each one to a larger project. I would like to set up a Kanban view by project - but I can’t seem to figure out how. Ideally I could see each project as a card, and then the connected tasks listed below in order of due date. See screenshots of how this is set up now, and how I’d like to see it from a Google doc. Huge thank you!

I think what you’re trying to do is reasonable but Airtable cannot group by linked records (yet).

The only 2 options you can use for grouping are the “single select field” or the “collaborator field”:


As a hack you can create a new single select field specifically for the kanban grouping. Something like:

Then selecting all the project cells and paste them into the new field. Before the copy:

After the paste:

The new field is now selectable when setting up your kanban view:

You’ll now see the grouping you’re after:

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