Keeping track of updates

I have a table with 290 records and 10 fields that need to be updated yearly and I am struggling knowing if a record has been updated or not. Essentially I need help creating a system to track if records have been updated and if they need to be.

My table consists of fields that either update all the records at once yearly, or get updates spontaneously throughout the year (sort of like a company yearly earnings). You know it is coming but they don’t release them all at the same time.

Any suggestions of what it could look like? or how to think about this?

If it is record level changes and not field level then why not use the last modified field?

Thanks for the suggestion! Sometimes, I have the tendency to overcomplicate things in airtable. I have now created a new view with all the last modified dates for each field and can easily filter when it has been too long since a record was updated.

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I see you already got an answer. I’m gonna chime in anyway, though. Not a long time ago, I needed to do something similar and since I also tend to overcomplicate things, I solved the situation with an Integromat scenario. I’m gonna leave the link to Integromat-Airtable documentation here just in case it ever is helpful to anyone :slightly_smiling_face:

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