Making use of same BASE FILTER with AND / OR (example)

I want to avoid replicate the same base filter 10X times on the same view

I could not find a combination for that.
Why is it limited ?

Hi @Sion_Cohen ,

Your question is a bit vague. You are already grouping those conditions in the first screenshot, what seems to be the issue?

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The rounded condition (base condition) is common for both First group and Second group.
So instead of replicate it over each group like this:
(base condition and first condition) or (base condition and second condition)
I want to have:
base condition and (first condition or second condition)

Ah I get it now.

you can do that by inserting a Condition Group inside a Condition Group.

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Got it thanks !

So generally speaking there is not limited to the or / and condition we can compose out of this form of grouping ?

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Currently the limits are much less, but I haven’t tried adding more condition groups so not sure how much you can add.

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