Mass download attachments?

I have a records with attachments that I have filtered down to just what I want to download. Is there a way to download all the attachments of the filtered records? Or do I have to walk through each record downloading each individually?

Just through the airtable website, no I don’t think there’s any mass download option.

If you are going to do it often, or if you have a huge number of downloads, you can write a script using the airtable API. The API lets you specify a particular view to list, and contains attachment URLs that you can fetch from your script

For those who are not technical, we built a tool that allows anyone to Bulk Download Attachments from Airtable instead of downloading each record individually. You can also limit it to only export attachments from a specific Airtable view.

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 1.38.13 AM

Please just integrate a function to allow bulk downloading… it’s been YEARS without any such function. Second-rate.


^ bump. this would be really great and save tons of time.