Membership renewals & new members


I’d be surprised if this hasn’t been asked before, but not finding an analogous situation - happy to be pointed to existing answers.

I have a membership organization, where folks renew their memberships via dues (which I handle separately and enter manually) each year. I have all their information in my main table. But I also need them to check a box each year that they accept risks involved in the activity for our insurance. Some members may also have changes to their details. I can handle this manually, but it’d be great if they could update that information themselves.

I also have a number of new members each year, from which I collect all the information I already have in the base about returning members. They also need to check the risk box.

I’d like to use a form to both capture new members’ full details, capture any changes for existing members, and the check box for everyone.

It feels like a separate table for the yearly dues and the check box is part of the answer, but I’m not sure how I can configure one form without creating redundant records for the existing members.

Is there a way that I’m missing that I can use forms to ask each person if they are a returning member (without changes) and then send them to another form to complete the check box and payment? Or am I asking airtable to do too much?

Any help appreciated. Sometimes I work out the solution to my problem as I type it out, but hasn’t quite happened here!