Moving records across bases

Hey everyone, Is it possible to move a record from one base to another with an automation? My organization organized projects in their own bases and each task gets assigned an owner. Ideally, I would like to be able to use an automation that is triggered by a task/owner assignment and places the task in the owner’s own base in order to create a “to-do list” of tasks aggregated from different project bases. Thanks in advance for your reply!

The better setup for this would be to organize all the projects & tasks in a single base, and assign each owner their own “view” that only shows them their own tasks.

However, if you want to leave your setup as-is, you could use Airtable’s sync feature to do a one-way, read-only sync of a source table in a base to a destination table in another base.

For anything more advanced, you would need to write your own custom JavaScripts or use a low-code automation tool like Integromat.

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Thanks Scott, I think I am going to use views all in one base like you suggested. When it comes to assigning views am I, as the creator, able to assign personal views to collaborators or will they need to designate their own personal views?

Each collaborator creates their own personal views. More about personal views can be seen here:

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Note that you aren’t required to create personal views. You can just create normal views for your team members as well.

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@Kamille_Parks is apparently also working on an app solution for this kind of challenges.

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