Multiple Records with Page designer block?

To print a list of records in the Page block you need two tables. Call them the Parent table and the Child table. One Parent record links to many Child records. (Or all child records!) The page block is set to show records from the Parent table. Drag the linked field (it shows what records in the Child table are linked to this Parent record.) into the page space and a table of linked records will appear. You can then select what Child table fields appear in the page table. You can also rearrange their order of appearance (using the drag texture on each field listed on the left.) In the Child table you can filter and sort, then save that as a view. I add a “Print” Check Box field in the Child table so I can also uncheck a record I don’t want to print but is impossible to separate out of the filtered mix. The “Print” checkbox is one of the filtered fields. Save as many filtered views as you need to for different reports. Divisions, dates, names, etc.
Agree that the Page block needs lots of work. I grew up on Filemaker and their layout tools for printing are light years ahead of Airtable. Too many work-arounds in Airtable to be elegant. The FM feature I miss the most is the ability for cells and rows of records to remove unused space when printing. Oh well, no free lunch.


That’s the fix, thank you!

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I am also interested in this because I need to do two things:

a) Print a Total Amount of all transactions in the header
b) Print the least of all the transactions

The solution offered solves problem B but not problem A