Need help with formula

I want to be able to filter records and have the record numbers all concatenated into a single, comma-delimited, field. Possible?. I have tried ARRAYJOIN and CONCATENATE. Want to be able to copy all the filtered record numbers as a comma delimited text to be able to paste onto another program.

Hi @Patricio_Suarez - you can only concatenate fields within a record, not the same field across records. However, there is a way to do this.

Create a new table with a single record:


Here I’ve used a dot/period as the ID, but it could be anything.

In your original table, link all records to the new table dot record:

Back in the link table, you can see all of the records IDs in a single field:

You can transform these into a comma-separated list using the formula:

ARRAYJOIN({Table 3})


Thank you so much for your help. Just tried your method and it works but I cannot only get filtered results to be passed onto the second table.

Want to be able to filter records:

and have only the record numbers from the filtered records go to the other table

I am limiting the records to be selected to a single view and I am filtering the content of that view.

Am I doing something wrong?

Incredibly grateful for your help.

You’re not doing anything wrong. Unfortunately rollup fields don’t recognize filters. They operate on all records in a table, filtered or not. That said, you can still get what you want.

Add a formula field named {Sold Records} to your main table, using the following formula (changing the names to match your fields as needed):

IF(Sold, {Record No.})


In the link table, add a rollup field:

The ARRAYCOMPACT(values) aggregation function will strip out the blank records, leaving only those with record numbers present.


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Thank you so much. This worked. Very obscure way to do something that, seems to me, should be something easy to do.

I guess I have to use IF(SEARCH PARAMETER, {Record No.}) to get record numbers out of Airtable. I am also experimenting with copying the numbers directly from the Records No. column and reformatting them somehow to display as comma delimited text. They export with a return carriage between numbers.