Need to get sum of values in Invoice


I have a table with the hours I work on a project.
It contains date, project and worked hours.
It also has the month as calculated field. (201902)

Using Page Designer block, I want to create invoices.
I created an Invoice table. It has the customer info etc. Now I need a field in that invoice table (probably a link to another table, to be created) where get 1 record per project I do for that customer, with the sum of hours.

But I don’t know how to get the sum of hours, grouped by month and project. (I do know how to get that in a view, but I cannot use that in another table)

Is there a way to do this?



You’ll need to create another table, probably called [Projects], and link each set of hours to it. You can do this easily (as long as your project names are consistent) by simply changing the field type of the column {Project} to a linked record field. It should create the table for you with the project names as each record.

Then use that table for your Page Designer block. Each record is one project linked to the hours you spent on it. You should be able to display the linked records for each project as a table on the page.

To get the sum for the invoice, create a roll-up field on the new table that sums up the cost from the table with hours.