New automation trigger for form responses


Happy Friday!

We’ve just released a brand new automation trigger called “When a form is submitted”. This trigger watches for new records created from a form and is particularly helpful for teams who want to differentiate between records created by collaborators vs. form submissions.

You can find all the details as well as a short video walkthrough in our Help Center. Note that this feature is currently in rollout for all customers; if you don’t see the trigger yet in the list of automation triggers, it should be available shortly.

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Nice! This is a pretty great workaround for the lack of hidden fields on forms! Possibly an even better solution in the vast majority of cases!

Although this still wouldn’t solve the problem of the same form being embedded on multiple different webpages, such as the form at the bottom of all of Airtable’s support articles. That article ID number should be a hidden field that gets submitted along with the form.