New support guides

Happy Friday everyone!

We’ve been developing a host of content and wanted to share a collection of new guides created in the past few weeks. If this is helpful to see I’d be happy to share more regularly as well.

Keep clients in the loop with automatic email notifications
Create custom notifications for your base
Automatically send approval emails without leaving your base
Automatically schedule google calendar events
Automate a form confirmation email
Prevent automations from triggering by mistake
Delay an automation from running

Embed and share individual apps (previously a private doc)
Excel importer beta (brand new beta)

How to add an enterprise admin
How to grant the upgrader user type
How to deactivate and reactivate enterprise users

Import / Export
Transitioning from spreadsheets to Airtable
How to export a spreadsheet from another source

Airtable Sync - Advanced options
Using the grid view on Android devices
Using the DATETIME_PARSE() formula
Third-party subprocessors


Big big big standing ovation ! ! ! :star_struck: :hugs:

I just hope for this to be known, read and commented that, e.g., you should pin such an example at the header of each most concerned Community Section, AUTOMATION e.g. here:

Don’t stop it now ! Let’s continue !
Airtable new-comers and users ‘education’ is as most important as making airtable functionalities and UX grow !


Hi @Jason,
This very well intentioned links page doesn’t give me the services I was hoping for:
Indeed, the following Links :

  • Keep clients in the loop with automatic email notifications
  • Automatically schedule google calendar events
    ask me to authenticate myself on ZenDesk using my Airtable Credentials, but it doesn’t work!
    Thank you in anticipation for your care,

Sorry about that @Olpy_Acaflo, you should be able to access them now.

Thank you @Jason, you fixed these 2 links !


Regarding individual app sharing, the page now says " This beta is no longer in active development but is still available upon request ."

Never seen that before and I just got into the beta the other day, so I’m certain the notice wasn’t there up until quite recently. Does that simply mean you’re winding down the influx of testers by only accepting manual applications? In other words, is the feature still in “active development” even if the beta isn’t and planned to be added in the future?