Notifications when a specific field changes


We’re using Airtable to (among other things) enable a workflow on our graphic design orders. This particular setup is set to Kanban view, so our graphics design and sales teams have a clear view on where an order is in the pipeline. The view is based on a single field, “Status:”

  1. Order Needs Artwork
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Sent To Customer for Approval
  4. Approved
  5. Printing
  6. Shipped

We would like for our teams to be able to be notified when an order’s Status has changed, so that way they can move on an order more efficiently. Is there a way to do that natively?



Aside from notifying collaborators about mentions, assignment to records, etc., Airtable doesn’t contain any built-in notification features for when a field’s value changes (note: I’m on a free account, so if blocks can do this, I’m not aware of it). There may be a way to do this with Zapier or Integromat, but I’m still new to both of those systems, so I can’t say for sure.



Yes it is possible to send notification with Slack, or Zapier/IFTTT.

To use Slack notification (built-in to Airtable):

  1. Create a new View in your base with only one field - Status
  2. Click on top of the base (base name) and choose Slack notifications.
  3. Follow instruction to set up Slack notification – but remember to choose only when things change in a particular view (your newly created view).

One thing to note, if a lot of changes happen quickly, Slack will only keep 4-5 notifications and skip the rest. So if the status changes very often (say 5 times per minute, roughly) there is a risk of missing the notification.



As @Justin_Barrett suggests, at present you’re limited to using a third-party integration service such as Zapier or Integromat to perform notifications. Airtable also has a built-in integration with Slack that can be used to trigger notifications within Slack or that can use Slack to trigger one of the other integration services to change record status, send email/SMS notifications, or the like; for more information, search the help documents and Community for ‘Slack’.



My bad. I don’t look in the base-level options that much, and had forgotten about Slack notifications. Will definitely note that for future reference.