Org chart - salary rollup

I am working on an org chart built using the startup org chart template - my base is available here.

I am looking to roll up the salaries for everyone who sits below a certain person in an org chart. Is this possible?

For example, I want for Tawana Muro in the org chart below I would want a column that has the salaries of everyone contained in the red box. I need to be able to do this for many different levels – for example, I would also want to be able to know the salaries of all of Bonnie’s reports.

If helpful, I have already found a way to get the parent and children of each of the employees and I am able to roll-up the salaries for the direct reports. Each of Bonnie’s 4 reports make $100k per year, so you can see that the rollup in column “Children – Total Salary” is $400k total. For Tawana, she has 4 direct reports whose sum is $420k total.

The issue that I seem to be running into is that I need a column summing each of the different “levels” of the org chart otherwise salaries are not counted correctly. For example, for the CEO Breann Bedoya, the total should be $2.14M which is the sum of all the people in the departments underneath here (you can check this by going to the Departments tab and summing the total salaries across the 4 departments).

I am just using this one as example - my true org chart will have 1,000 employees and 10s of levels so I need a way to do this that is repeatable. There was another thread here that suggested a different approach for just summing FTE count which uses multiple lookups but it’s not very feasible given the scale.

Would appreciate any suggestions!

@JonathanBowen - Hey Jonathan, just wanted to tag you take a look since you had offered an answer for the other thread. Curious if you have discovered any ways to accomplish this!

Frankly, I’d be more inclined to use a script-based solution for something like this. The script would parse all the linked relationships, tally the relevant values, and save those values into a designated field for each person who has direct reports. As staffing changes, you re-run the script to update the values, or perhaps find a way to use the scripting action beta to run the script on a schedule. It should only take a few seconds to parse everything, even for a large organization.

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