Page Designer search a record via QR-code

In Blocks Page Designer, now to jump straight to a specific record, you click Go to record. This bring up a search table which you can use to navigate to the record you wish to see.
A proposal and makes everything even more user-friendly, is that when click Go to record that you receive this.
When you click go to record that you have the option to scan a barcode (QR code) and goes directly to the desired page.
Is that a possible function? It would help us enormously.
We place a QR code on the machine parts. When you scan this, you will receive the information about the part.

Thank you

I believe what you are describing is “deep links” into specific Airtable records, right?

I do exactly this in Airborne Search - the crawler creates a full-text index from all words in the base and attaches to each word token an address to the specified base, table, and row where that word token appears.

These are known as deep links and they can be found by simply creating the URL by appending the table ID / record ID - it looks something like this:

When you use page designer block and you will go to record you receive this

Is it possible to put to use a camera in the “Find a record” barbarcode%20(2) . So you can use the camera as a scanner and open the page you search.
It’s more a product suggestion.