Pagination Type = Offset SetUp

I am having troubles to set up Pagination type = offset. I am missing "Total Records Path’. Where do I find it? I tried everything, and can’t figure it out. Thanks,B

Welcome to the community, Branislav! :smiley: Your description is missing a lot of information. Are you trying to make a formula? What exactly are the elements you mention: “Pagination Type,” “offset,” and “Total Records Path”? Are they fields? If so, what type? The more details you can provide, the easier it will be for us to assist.

Hi Justin - thanks for your fast reply. I am trying to set up RestAPI in Qlik Sense and when I select pagination type Offset I am asked to enter the following parameters.

‘Start’ parameter name …
‘Start’ initial value …
‘Count’ parameter nale …
‘Count’ initial value…
‘Total records’ path …
Data indicator path …

On the Qlik site I have found the following

Complete the Pagination fields as follows:

Pagination Type: Offset

‘Start’ parameter name: offset;

‘Start’ initial value: 0

‘Count’ parameter name: limit;

‘Count’ initial value: 100

‘Total records’ path: root/meta/total_count

Thanks for the updated info. However, I’m not sure how this relates to Airtable. Are you trying to connect Airtable to Qlik Sense via Airtable’s API?

Correct. I have a RestFul API connection already set up. However, I only can load 100 records. Need to set up Pagination. That’s where I am stuck and I can’t find any documentation on the parameters required for the set up.

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It looks like there are others with similar problem not finding metadata API.