Please give me your Opinion!

I am trying to create a usable Contractor/Construction Company base, where records are kept of all things that would go into files. Customers, Jobs, Expenses, and Materials Needed for the Jobs.

I am trying to figure out if the Expenses should have their own table, and just be linked to the job, or if they should be included into the table, and looked at with a Particular View. I need them to be able to be totaled up, per job, so that I can then have the formula calculate profit/loss of each job.

With the Materials, I need to be able to enter a list of materials needed for the job (most will be used over and over, so a set list that I could select from and type in amounts of would be great)
Then I need to be able to print out a list of Materials needed for each job about 14 days before each job starts)

Any advice as to how I should configure the base would be great!
Here is a link to what I have currently. I had started to combine the Materials to Order and the expenses into the Jobs table, but then I stopped, until I could get some input on it, so thats about halfway done.

If I can get this base done, I would love to share its Template with the Community at Large :smiley:

I would leave Expenses and Materials in their own tables. Tracking totals for both can be done fairly easily on the [Jobs] table by using rollups, and a materials list can be printed from the linked {Materials} field using Page Designer.

Ok! Thank you so much!
I will see if I can get it put together!