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I have a formula for my primary field that looks like this: CONCATENATE({Last Name}, " - ", Type, " - ", DATETIME_FORMAT(Start, ‘MM/DD/YYYY’), “-”, {Job Address}) and it turns out looking like this: Thorton - G, DS, GC, - 08/17/2020- 692 Chateau Ln. ...
I was so disappointed when I finished my base, downloaded the App on my Cell… Only to realize that I couldn’t just click the form view on my cell and start inputting items into my base! What the heck! Seems like such a simple- No brainer thing to hav...
Ok, so I have a total column in which I have Sum()ed many column fields in it, to be used as a Rollup column on another table. it looks like this: SUM({5" }+{6" }+{DS$}+{Elb }+{IN/M }+{O/M }+{Endcaps }+{H/H }+{Wedg}+{Off$}+{B/P$}+{D/E$}+{Screw$}+{12"...
Hi again, Trying to write an IF statement for a cost catagory. This is what I have now. {12" GH} * 25.0 BUT I would like it to say: IF ({12" GH} is a multiple of 4, * 125, (Roundup ({12" GH}) * 25))) If the field is NOT a multiple of 4, I’d like it t...
Is there a way to leave out Empty fields when in Gallery View? It would make looking at each Job much easier? []