Printing Inventory Report

Is there a way to print a report that uses the correct printing size for attachments ?

I’m trying to use AirTable to hold a home inventory. If, for example, wanted to print off a subset of items for insurance purposes that contain an image, cost, name and a viewable receipt that is attached as a pdf how would I go about that ?

Have seen the gallery view but appears to only have one image - would need a picture of the item and a print of the pdf receipt.

I assume blocks might have something but at $20 a month for home consumer use would be expensive just for that.


Welcome to the community, Graham! :smiley: Yes, blocks would help. With the Print Designer block, you could print all items in the Attachments field at just about any size you want, though the arrangement controls are somewhat limited.

As for the cost, I totally know where you’re coming from. However, from personal experience, I’d just say this: give it time. Before you know it, you’ll very possibly find so many things to do with Airtable that it’ll become a no-brainer to go with the Pro plan. :wink:

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Agree with @Justin_Barrett on the pro plan. Once you’ve got it you will find uses for it. However, if you don’t want to go with that, then you could simply print each individual record (this may or may not work for you depending upon the size of your inventory). Might also be worth making the receipt and the item images separate fields, although this isn’t strictly necessary. This is my quick mockup of a single item print:


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Note that the item images (imagine that they are two photos of the same thing) are both in the field “1st Image”; the receipt is in a second field “2nd Image”

Thanks for the responses, will take a look at pro.